Overfeat.com Review

They are the people who help you start an internet business by providing you scripts to fuel your website needs and this is all done within your budget without fueling your pockets.

They also have multiple amounts of scripts available to purchase.

I have a bitcoin business and I need to open a gambling website. Will they help me?

Yes, they have a lot of ready made website scripts available to create a gambling websites based on cryptocurrency and are at really low prices and we will see each one.

  1. Script for gambling with bitcoins is available at a really low cost of only $264.99 which can be rounded off to $265.
  2. Script for faucet regarding bitcoins is also available ready made for purchasing and can be purchased at the rate of $99.99.
  3. Flipper script for bitcoin
  4. Bitcoin Dice Games.

And so on…..

I don’t need their artificial products but would like something custom build? What should I do?

They not only offer you with ready made scripts but also make your custom order which suits to your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

What type of support is available?

They have email support available only and a contact form, but those people who give them custom orders are contacted on phones regarding their needs. They also have a live chat feature embedded to the website which you can take support from while they are online which is mentioned in the chat box.

Is there anything on the website which I can earn from?

Yes, there is a referral program available on the website and you can take advantage if you help them in making a sale as they provide you with a reward of some amount in any way.

Is there any blog or newsletter because it is difficult for me to visit the website again and again?

Yes, they have a feature of newsletter available which you can subscribe and take advantage of it and you do not have to visit the website again and again and if you find something relevant you can visit it.

Is it necessary to get an account or not?

No it is not necessary to make an account at first and when you purchase the service, they already create an account for you.

Are there any disadvantages of using this service?

No, there are no disadvantages as they will create the website in the best way possible to provide users with a better functionality.

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